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Independent agents can no longer be competitive by only offering a few, well known, general insurance carriers to their diverse clientele from their local office. Instead, we must be able to offer specialized regional programs that target specific markets with additional coverages and at a more competitive premium. The wholesale insurance carrier market is now well-represented by several large Managing General Agents (MGA's) who attack just a few areas of coverage across a region, grouping together clientele and going to the insurance carrier marketplace for the best carrier and for a more competitive policy. We broker you account to these highly competitive MGA's as well as the standard carriers we represent. You have the best of both worlds.

"Our world and technology is moving very fast and accelerating.. we must all find our way down this road without losing control. RF Insurance Group will help you manage this journey."


Insurance needs to be transparent, turn-key, in real time and easy to understand. Clients need to be in control of the costs and benefits of their insurance program. Our clients know what they have. They know what is costs. And they know why they need it. Simple and straightforward. No confusion. We know your language. Your business is our business. We support your emergency needs 24/7.


As your broker, we can represent many insurance carriers, including several Managing General Agencies who specialize in specific markets in the Southwest. The local agent goes mostly to the standard general insurance carrier-partners. We manage the critical balance between the complexities of insurance coverage/terminology and the real needs of our client. We keep insurance simple.


Simplified Programs - Easy Issue Small Business, including Cyber Insurance, and also Life Products. We steer our clients directly to the right independent program. Quick, Easy, Competitive!

Concierge Service - Larger and More Complex Insurance Products. Real-time, direct access to Rich Ferreira when needed. Just like your Concierge Doctor!

Commercial accounts between $5,000 and $100,000 in premium are our specialty. Our agent is available to you directly and has all the experience, business background and insurance carrier support of a large Alphabet Broker where executives are handling only jumbo accounts. At RF Insurance group, you get that executive agent with 40 years of working with businesses, big and small, throughout North America. And a web site that will intelligently assist you 24/7 and will keep up with technical advances coming in the near future, impacting Artificial Intelligence, IT and Big Data.

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